Reign of Bullets

Hectic 2d shoot ‘em up gameplay with waves of enemies and screen filling bosses.

Echo – Serious Game for Groninger Museum

Echo lets visitors of the museum work together to stop a master criminal and solve the mystery surrounding a lost art collection.

Fighting Trainer

The Fighting Trainer app is the perfect tool for practitioners of martial arts. The app gives users access to a large database of digitally animated martial arts techniques.
We make games, ranging from serious and educational, small mobile and web to full blown entertainment titles. We develop games and apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. We work for clients in the areas of healthcare, education and culture.


Lots Of Guns. A hectic and tactical 2d shoot ‘em up.

Hospital Heroes

Run your very own hospital with crazy diseases and events. Learn as you play, with goals and rewards suited to your level of expertise.

The Best Egg

Let students discover what is involved in food processing, in this case the processing of eggs.