Critical Bit is a young game studio of 4 friends who started from their passion for games. Critical Bit games are accessible and easy to learn while still offering the depth and novelty to keep players engaged.


Early history

Critical Bit was started from the classroom when a group of students was working on an iOS game in the last year of their study. Under supervision of Grendel Games, the game Equalized was built and released, being the first title of the group that is now Critical Bit. Although the game was not a financial success, it aspired the group to pursue the life of an independent developer and they started 'Laserbrick Games'.

Laserbrick Games

Founded in 2010, this group of 6 close friends started working on several small projects, some for clients, some for personal and research goals. Although they just finished their studies, they just started learning how to build games, manage projects and pay attention to the business side of game development. These were rural times of uncertainty, frustration and part time jobs, but also times of exploration, discovery and maturation. Three team members left the group and at the end of 2011 a new member joined when things got more serious.

Critical Bit

In July 2012 Laserbrick Games changed name and identity to Critical Bit. Now it was all official. Moving from an attic room to an actual office building, working on a personal desk instead of a shared desk that is also used as a lunch table, there was room to breathe. Business was solid which allowed Critical Bit to start their first big entertainment production.

November 20th of 2016, Friso Roolvink left Critical Bit to start working as a producer at Grendel Games

Recent activities

The goal has always been to build both games for clients and games for the entertainment market. Recently the focus has shifted more from serious games to entertainment games with the production of 'Reign of Bullets'. Reign of Bullets is the first big entertainment title in production by Critical Bit.



Critical Bit showreel 2013 YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

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