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Genre: Martial Arts training app
Platform: Android and Apple phones and tablets
Status: Released

The Fighting Trainer app is the perfect tool for practitioners of Martial Arts. The app gives users access to a large database of digitally animated Martial Arts techniques which can be used as reference for practice sessions during your free time. These techniques are fully motion captured by the Dutch Martial Arts fighter and trainer Erwin van der Helm, promising you an accurate portrayal of the real life techniques.

The realistic mMotion Captured animations ignore the boundaries of conventional video, as users can now freely rotate the camera and look at the action from whatever angle they prefer. Fighting Trainer also lets you pause and slow down the animated character. You have all the tools you need to see every little detail.

With over 70 different moves, which are ranked by difficulty, Fighting Trainer has an expansive list of moves for you to practice. Move types include punches, kicks and combinations. Fighting Trainer also has a list for World Class moves, which are signature moves used by professional martial arts fighters.


  • A large database of over 90 Martial Arts moves, fully realized in 3D.
  • Highly detailed and realistic animated Martial Arts techniques recorded using Motion Capture.
  • Cooperation with Martial Arts trainer Erwin van der Helm, guaranteeing an accurate portrayal.
  • Easy to use controls to adjust the speed and angle to view the moves.


To download Fighting Trainer, head over to:

Fighting Trainer
Price: Free
‎Fighting Trainer
Price: Free