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Blok Out

Serious Game


  • Genre: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Detective, Adventure, Puzzle
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Status: Released


The Blokhuispoort is an iconic building in the center of Leeuwarden. Until 2007 it was used as a prison. Nowadays, it is used as a HUB for innovative companies.

We have our own office inside the Blokhuispoort. Together with Grendel Games we created this app for BOEi. BOEi is the owner of the place and renovated it. It is a very nice building with a rich history.

You can use the app to dive into the history of the Blokhuispoort and learn what it is like to be imprisoned and what stories are tied to the different locations and cells within. Barend will guide you through the process of refreshing his memory. He is a beacon of stories about the Blokhuispoort, about what transpired here since 1783. Barend made a special device that is able to suck up memories. Though for some memories he needs a special part. It is up to you to help him catch all the memories.

How to play

Download the app and start with the Virtual Reality(VR) experience. Step into Barend’s office and learn how it came to be that he lost his memories. When you come to Leeuwarden you can play the rest of the game on site. Walk through the halls of the old prison and try to find all the memories that are hidden away. You are welcome to explore the place and lose yourself in excitement. Find out what happened in the different nooks and crannies. Some memories are easy to find, others require your cunning. You’ll relive some of the historic events to gain access to the memory.

You use your smartphone to look at specially designed signs. Looking at such a sign through your smartphone lets you see a virtual object, such as an old phone or radio. You’ll be able to interact with these object in order to progress through the puzzels. You can share your findings with other players and help each-other in solving the puzzle. Solving a puzzle and collecting memories unlocks information about the place you are at. You can re-read the information at your own leisure, so no need to hurry.


  • 5 Augmented Reality puzzles based on actual historic events
  • Information about the rich history of the Blokhuispoort
  • A Virtual Reality puzzle (also playable on devices that don’t support VR)
  • 2 hours of exploring, puzzling and learning about the old prison in Leeuwarden

FYI: The Virtual Reality puzzle is playable for free. For the experience at the Blokhuispoort an In-App Purchase is required.


  • Grendel Games
  • BOEi
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