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Groninger Museum
Serious Game


  • Genre: Augmented Reality, Detective, Puzzle
  • Platform: Tablet, iPad, Google Glass
  • Status: Released


This Serious Game lets visitors of the Groninger museum work together to stop a master criminal and solve the mystery surrounding a lost art collection. Players use a tablet and an iPod to scan, identify and solve puzzles and hints scattered throughout the Groninger Museum. Players work with the fictional IKPD, a special law enforcement branch focused on art. During all this the user will learn of the history of scanned art pieces.

In the past we used Google Glasses for the role of scan devices. But switched to iPod touches after Google dropped support for Google Glass.

Scattered throughout the museum are objects disturbed or left behind by the criminal. Scanning these with the iPod sends data to the tablet, letting players solve puzzles to find out aspects of the criminal, and ultimately piecing together a character profile for the IKPD. Players can also scan art pieces connected to the story, learning of their history and involvement in the criminal’s origins.


  • An interactive detective story for groups of museum visitors to enjoy and learn from.
  • Locate and scan evidence left behind by the criminal and piece together a character profile using the knowledge collected.
  • Learn about the history of art pieces displayed throughout the museum while exploring.
  • Full iPod and tablet integration, giving users the tools to track and locate the master criminal.

FYI: The game unfortunately is no longer available to play at the Groninger Museum.



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