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Grendel Games
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  • Genre: Platform/Rythm Game
  • Platform: iOS
  • Status: Released
  • Service: Internship


A game we made a long time ago. During our internship at Grendel Games

Catchphrase: “Jump, roll and dive through jungle, urban and other themed levels to the beat of YOUR music.”


Man was just a regular guy, who likes music and likes his mp3 player a lot. But after a series of unfortunate events, everything has changed for this simple man, and now he is Running Man. The story behind equalized.


A platform game for the lazy man, you don’t have to run, you only need to jump and roll. While running man is running through the levels, all different kinds of obstacles cross his path. You need to time your jumps and rolls to the music to get over these obstacles, jump over gaps, slide through narrow pipes and roll under dangerous, low hanging stuff. Besides the basic jump and roll, you can also make combinations to get past harder obstacles.

All your actions are timed to the music of the level and the good part is that you can play this game with your own music! Just load up the songs you like and the levels are automatically generated based on the music. We also have other fancy stuff like dynamic difficulty, pickups (or tapups rather), track records and particles!


  • A combination of rhythm and platform gameplay.
  • Get the highest score on your favorite tracks!
  • Play levels based on your own music!
  • 4 difficulties ranging from easy to insane.
  • 6 different themes, all with their own obstacles to overcome.
  • The better you play, the harder it gets, but the prettier the eye candy and the higher your score.


Available for download on the App Store

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