Indie games means independently developed games. Indie games are usually made without a client or contractor and are directly targeted at the players and are sold through Steam or the Apple Store for example.

We believe that for a serious or educational game to be effective, it needs to reach the players through gameplay. Making indie games helps us focus on what is important for the player and not necessarily the client.

Critical Bit games are accessible and easy to learn while still offering the depth and novelty to keep players engaged. We develop for the following platforms:

Mobile: We develop for iOS and Android and distribute our games through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Web: Our games are also available on game portals (like Newgrounds and Kongregate) and playable in web browser through HTML5 and Unity webplayer.
PC/Mac/Linux: We distribute games through Steam. Steam is an online distribution platform for PC, Mac and Linux games that is used daily by millions of players.
Console: We are licensed to develop and publish for Wii U and Xbox One but have no titles released on those platforms yet.

We have created the following indie games: