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Monster Park Zoo

Triangle Studios / RooRoo Games
Entertainment Game


  • Genre: Kids' Game
  • Platform: iOS & Android
  • Status: Released
  • Service: Work for Hire


Winner of 2015 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award!

Together with Triangle Studios we developed Monsterpark Zoo for Roo Roo Games. Monsterpark Zoo is designed to encourage problem solving, emotional development, coordination, and laughter! It is aimed at ages 2-6 but is sure to delight the whole family. The game features 10 unique monsters with different troubles. Some need food, some a bath, others need their enclosures cleaned. Figure it all out through fun, intuitive, and stress free game play.

What people are saying about Monsterpark Zoo:

“The gentle animation, appealing artwork and age-appropriate sense of humor – all without a single word or hint of instruction – combine to make this a thoroughly enjoyable play experience.”
– Parents’

“Monsterpark Zoo is designed for preschoolers, it’s intuitive and stress-free. It also challenges kids to solve simple problems, and helps them develop fine motor skills.”

“a great addition to your app collection for toddlers and preschoolers.”

“The graphics and animations are fun, navigation is simple, and kids will use their problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and more in this fun early learning app. All links are secured, and there are no IAPs or ads. I recommend this app”
– Angie Gorz,


  • Triangle Studios
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