Critical Bit


We are able to provide several services:

  • Development and outsourcing
    • Besides the development of complete products, you can also hire us to help you with your project.
    • We are a flexible team that can work from our office or yours.
    • We can help with Art, Programming, Project management (SCRUM), Concepting and Design.
  • Workshops and lectures
    • Want to explore the area of gaming and game design by making your own game?
    • We have been giving workshops and lectures on the basics of game design for the past 4 years and are glad to share our experience at your company or school.
    • Our motto here is: Everyone can make a game!
  • Consultancy
    • Don’t know where to start?
    • Heard about (serious)gaming but don’t know what it can do for your company?
    • We can inform you on the possibilities, help you get to a game concept or help you with the final design.
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