Reign of Bullets

Genre: Shoot ‘em up Platform: PC Status: Beta Description Reign of Bullets is a side scrolling shoot ‘em up, infused with gameplay elements commonly found in RPG’s. Loot...


The awesomessed experience when trying to shoot ducks in a duck-friendly way. Stawt the game. Shoot the ducks. Get points. Don't shoot the fake! Weact quickly for bonus time! Beat your local fwiends! Not litewally speaking, because that would get you awwested.


Genre: platform/rhythm Platform: iPhone and iPod touch Status: Released Official website Catchphrase:“Jump, roll and dive through jungle, urban and other themed levels to the beat...

Treasure Island

Genre: Adventure/Exploration Platform: PC Status: Experimental Gameplay Virtual Reality games are being developed since the first virtual reality glasses in the early 90´s. With recent technological developments it...

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